‘Here’s the business plan I used’

In 2014, I walked away from my $ 35,000-per-year job in insurance sales to grow my e-commerce side hustle with my husband Chris. We had been experimenting with selling clothes and accessories on online marketplaces, including eBay and Facebook. Our online community of friends and customers quickly grew from a few hundred members to over … Read more

The critical factor in the growth of women entrepreneurship

Although women’s entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly important in the creation of new jobs and accelerating societies’ social and economic growth, their influence and participation in the leadership culture are still underrepresented. Traditionally, women have been homemakers while men are considered to be the breadwinners. However, the world is now realizing the importance of “making” over … Read more

What Vc Deals Say About Indian Startup Story, In Charts

Last month, research firm Tracxn released data on 1,139 investments of $ 5 million and above made by venture capital (VC) funds in Indian startups since 2010. In the Indian start-up landscape, this is, roughly speaking, the top end of investments and business activity. Coming in the wake of a heady 2021 — a year … Read more